What region does Chef Whip It operate within?

Chef Whip It delivers to Adelaide and it's surrounding areas.

What are the delivery areas and rates?

Our checkout will automatically calculate the cost of the delivery.

Can't complete your order at checkout? 

Your location is outside our delivery zones

What is the usual wait time?

It depends on your location, we guarantee delivery in under 1 hour in our standard delivery zone and 2 hours in our extended and remote delivery zones.

What are your delivery times?

Our trading hours are:

Monday - Friday:
Saturday - Sunday: 24/7
How do I receive my order?

For orders inside our standard/extended/remote delivery zones, one of our friendly drivers will deliver right to your door.

Is pick up available? 

No, we do not offer pick up.

What happens if I order when Chef Whip It is closed?

If you make an order outside of our delivery hours, your order will be one of our first orders we deliver. This is perfect for people who hate waiting and want to get in before the rush

Contact us if you have any more questions or suggestions!

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